Certified 5 Star Management Inc

Certified 5 Star Management Inc. is a management and consulting company. On top of working with music, film, artist, & athletes, we are a on the job business training company that hires young people mainly from troubled inner city areas. "Giving them a second chance". 


At Certified 5 Star Management Inc., having outstanding service is at the heart of everything we do. We have motivational seminars Monday thru Saturday from 9am to 11am. That's where we teach, train, & motivate the young people in the area of sales. Teaching: Self Discipline, Responsibility, Credibility, Money Management skills, & how to maintain a positive attitude. The young people then go door to door selling Certified Apparel, books and magazines as a way to earn a honest day of pay. This teaches hard work!!


When you buy our clothes and/or books or magazines your making an invesment in the agent at your door. Giving them a chance in life to get out of poverty and go for their dreams. I wanna thank you for your help and support. 


Our goal is to create jobs for young people who want to work. Everytime you buy from our sales agents it helps us place ads in local news papers and radio stations to create jobs. Together we can make an economic & social change in our inner cities across America.